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Let Your Voice Be Heard - Provide Feedback on State Literacy Standards

The State of Iowa Literacy Standards outline the learning expectations for English-language arts and for literacy in history, social studies, science, and other technical subjects. The Iowa Department of Education held public forums statewide in April, but now we are asking teachers, parents, and guardians to comment through the survey link below. This effort to collect input on literacy standards is part of an ongoing review of our state standards prompted by the Governor's Executive Order 83.


Thank you for your time and willingness to assist in this important work for Iowa's schools and students.


Ryan Wise, Ed.L.D., Director

Iowa Department of Education

Grimes State Office Building, 2nd Floor

400 E. 14th Street

Des Moines, IA 50319-0146



Please use Ctrl+Enter to reach the survey or click on "survey"  in the Related Sites below



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