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School Board Policy Manual

This policy manual contains the policies of the board of directors of the West Central Valley Community School District. Policy development is a dynamic, ongoing process. New problems, issues and needs give rise to the continuing need to develop new policies or to revise existing ones. The use of a loose-leaf manual is to make it easier to keep the policy manual up-to-date.

Each person holding a copy of this manual has a duty to keep the loose-leaf manual current as new and revised policies are distributed by the superintendent’s office.

How To Use This Policy Manual

The West Central Valley Community School District operates according to policies established by its board of directors. The board develops policies after careful deliberation and the school administration implements them through specific regulations and procedures. The board reviews and evaluates its policies and makes revisions as necessary.

The manual is organized according to a numeric codification system. There are nine major classifications bearing a numeric Section Code:

Sub-classifications under each numeric Section are based on a logical sequence and coded by the sub-classification numeric code.

The index pages that follow each tab present the policies included in that section. These index pages serve as a table of contents for each Section.

How To Find A Policy

Review the nine Series and determine which section the policy may be in. By turning to that Series, you can review the table of contents to determine whether the policy is included. If the policy is included, you can turn to the policy by finding the correct code number in the upper right hand corner of the policy.

How To Read The Signs And Symbols

A variety of signs and symbols are used in concert with the numeric codification system. These are explained below:

    1. -R  This symbol following a policy code number indicates the statement is an administrative regulation rather than board policy.  
    2. -E  This symbol following a policy code number indicates the statement is an exhibit rather than board policy.  
    3. Legal Reference - This sign indicates the legal references.  They tell the user where the user may find the statutes, case law, attorney general opinions, or administrative rules that give authority to a policy.
    4. Cross Reference - Many policies in the manual relate to other policies in the manual.  Cross references are provided to assist the user in finding all of the related policies.

Inquiries about the policies included in this manual may be directed to the board members or to the Superintendent by telephone at (515) 523-2187 or by writing the school district at West Central Valley Community School District, 3299 White Pole Rd., Stuart, IA 50250.

Dates Policies were Reviewed and Adopted